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1 tlk42410111_02_msg0001 84 Cylinder is most important item for any salvager.
2 tlk42410111_02_msg0002 84 With no cylinder, not able to salvage.
3 tlk42410111_02_msg0003 84 Even within Goldmouth, different salvage spots has different treasures.
4 tlk42410111_02_msg0004 84 There is Salvage Deck here, then Goldmouth Flight Deck, and Maelstrom.
5 tlk42410111_02_msg0005 84 Friends should try salvage in many different place.
6 tlk42410111_02_msg0006 84 Sometimes when salvaging, scary-scary monster pop out of Cloud Sea though...
7 tlk42410111_02_msg0007 84 So Tiwitiwi maybe rather stay here and not salvage. That seem safer.