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1 tlk42360111_03_msg0001 84 Friends read book called How Wars Profit Nopon?
2 tlk42360111_03_msg0002 84 Is about analyzing potential profits for Nopon trade guilds if war break out between Mor Ardain and Uraya.
3 tlk42360111_03_msg0003 84 Book written by Ardainian, and full of ridiculous misconception about Nopon culture!
4 tlk42360111_03_msg0004 84 Pretty scary to thinking people believe this nonsense. But also very funny to read, so everyone here enjoy book lots.
5 tlk42360111_03_msg0005 84 When feeling down, Smismi just break out book and laugh so hard, forget any bad thing happen!
6 tlk42360111_03_msg0006 84 If friends interested, should try purchase book at Haskefell Books in Mor Ardain!