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1 tlk42350143_02_msg0001 84 We debating how to best increase product line-up of team.
2 tlk42350143_02_msg0002 84 It request from six noble houses, pride of Uraya, so have spent day and night storming brain...
3 tlk42350143_02_msg0003 84 Frankly, there limit to new products we able to offer with domestic resources.
4 tlk42350143_01_msg0004 84 If want to make something new, need both new resources and new ideas.
5 tlk42350143_02_msg0004 84 Quickest way to get that is relying on other countries.
6 tlk42350143_02_msg0005 84 As country develops, economy grows, and that make it easier to negotiate bargains with other countries.
7 tlk42350143_02_msg0006 84 That give us access to new ideas and resources from rest of world.
8 tlk42350143_02_msg0007 84 Problem is, there guaranteed to be problems with this approach, so must be resolved.
9 tlk42350143_02_msg0008 84 That where Merc Group step in! Merc Group resolve problems countries entrenched in.
10 tlk42350143_02_msg0009 84 What that mean is hiring you for tasks is necessity for welfare of country.
11 tlk42350143_02_msg0010 84 Kurolo wish friends best of luck!