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1 tlk42350122_03_msg0001 84 I used to live in a town called Echell, you know!
2 tlk42350122_03_msg0002 84 I fell head over heels in love with this girl who lived there.
3 tlk42350122_03_msg0003 84 She was the daughter of the lord who ran the place. She was such a sweet, elegant young lady!
4 tlk42350122_03_msg0004 84 If I weren't a Phonex, I would have proposed to her for sure.
5 tlk42350122_03_msg0005 84 But it's seems like she just disappeared at some point. The whole mansion is gone now!
6 tlk42350122_03_msg0006 84 It was such a shock when I found out. I hope I see her again someday!