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1 tlk42300041_02_msg0001 84 Dadapon of Kikina is Hototo.
2 tlk42300041_02_msg0002 84 Kikina always think Dadapon was lazy bum, but recently proven wrong. He do good job of managing supplies here.
3 tlk42300041_02_msg0003 84 Mercs always working hard to get jobs done, and everyone else much devoted to farming and trading!
4 tlk42300041_02_msg0004 84 If Kikina not know otherwise, would never guess that this merc group lost their leader!
5 tlk42300041_02_msg0005 84 Vandham must have been incredible person. Because Garfont Mercs also incredible people!
6 tlk42300041_02_msg0006 84 Kikina have much respect!