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1 tlk42300041_01_msg0001 84 Most pleasurable evening to you, good friends. Kikina go by name of Kikina.
2 tlk42300041_01_msg0002 84 Dadapon of Kikina become very busy with Merc work of late, so Kikina asked if he could be of assistance.
3 tlk42300041_01_msg0003 84 Friends not happen to know where Dadapon is? Kikina urgently need to find him...
4 tlk42300041_01_msg0004 84 He angered Igna with eyepatch that had electric-type Blade on way here. Probably not long before he arrive.
5 tlk42300041_01_msg0005 84 Think that was infamous "Zekenator"...?
6 tlk42300041_01_msg0006 84 Kikina hear that Eye of Shining Justice attack can kill person with just one glance.
7 tlk42300041_01_msg0007 84 Could bring about destruction of Garfont if not careful... Kikina sure Dadapon will know what to do!
8 tlk42300041_01_msg0008 84 Meh-meh?! Friends will help out in place of Dadapon?
9 tlk42300041_01_msg0009 84 That excellent news! Then Kikina leave it up to you!