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1 tlk42300021_01_msg0001 84 Shatoto make big mistake coming to Gormott...
2 tlk42300021_01_msg0002 84 Shatoto come from Argentum to do business in Gormott.
3 tlk42300021_01_msg0003 84 But selling goods in this city only earn tiny profits!
4 tlk42300021_01_msg0004 84 At times like this, Shatoto remember what Mamapon say lots...
5 tlk42300021_01_msg0005 84 "Always thinking about supplies and demands"!
6 tlk42300021_01_msg0006 84 Products of Shatoto not attractive to Gormott and Mor Ardain peoples here in Torigoth.
7 tlk42300021_01_msg0008 84 But Shatoto not have money to go back to Argentum... Oh dear!