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1 tlk42300013_01_msg0001 84 Since many Nopon is merchant, is Nopon tendency to think about efficiency in everything.
2 tlk42300013_01_msg0002 84 That also manifest in Nopon food.
3 tlk42300013_01_msg0003 84 Use lots of oil, fry quick on strong fire. Then food done.
4 tlk42300013_01_msg0004 84 Food ready quickly, and full of nutrient. Very efficient, very Nopon cooking way.
5 tlk42300013_01_msg0005 84 Rododo personally good at making Lightly Fried Rice while reading historical document.
6 tlk42300013_01_msg0006 84 Of course, this also mean precious historical documents get covered in oil.