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1 tlk42200241_04_msg0001 84 Terrible things happening in Alrest!
2 tlk42200241_04_msg0002 84 But maybe big chance for Harula!
3 tlk42200241_04_msg0003 84 Harula know is insensitive to think this way. Harula know, but...
4 tlk42200241_04_msg0004 84 But this finally mean opportunity for Uraya and Mor Ardain to work together!
5 tlk42200241_04_msg0005 84 And that mean big chance for move to Mor Ardain finally arrive!
6 tlk42200241_04_msg0006 84 Harula going to disguise self as refugee and find way to Mor Ardain.
7 tlk42200241_04_msg0007 84 Hoo-ooh... Harula going to be very busy...