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1 tlk42100121_07_msg0001 84 Meh-meh... Perfect place for wind on face...
2 tlk42100121_07_msg0002 84 Meh-meeeeh?!
3 tlk42100121_07_msg0003 84 Th-this not what it look like! Tataka not slacking off! Tataka was just resting wings!
4 tlk42100121_07_msg0004 84 Sumpkins bearing so much fruit this year, it getting too hard to keep up with harvest.
5 tlk42100121_07_msg0005 84 At this rate, valuable Sumpkins going to get bruised and not be able to sell on market!
6 tlk42100121_07_msg0006 84 If only Tataka had more helping hands...
7 tlk42100121_07_msg0007 84 You going to help Tataka out?! Ohh, that would be big help!
8 tlk42100121_07_msg0008 84 Tataka going to keep slack- Err, resting here a bit longer!
9 tlk42100121_07_msg0009 84 Hope friends can help get harvesting all done smoothy-smooth!