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1 tlk41700121_02_msg0001 84 So Gormott's been under Ardainian rule for nearly 50 years now, huh...
2 tlk41700121_02_msg0002 84 Gormott used to have its own army, you know. My dad was an officer there. Not that you'd know it to look at him now.
3 tlk41700121_02_msg0003 84 After Gormott was defeated, the army was disbanded, and all we have now are small defense corps for each tribe.
4 tlk41700121_02_msg0004 84 It may seem we're being oppressed, but if you look at it another way, we're also under Mor Ardain's protection.
5 tlk41700121_02_msg0005 84 The Ardainians don't really interfere with our culture. That's something to be grateful for, if you ask me.