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1 tlk41700121_01_msg0001 84 What d'you want? This is a woodcraft workshop. It's no place for kids.
2 tlk41700121_01_msg0002 84 Well, what we do here is we take wood from Gormotti trees and prepare it for a variety of uses.
3 tlk41700121_01_msg0003 84 For instance, we build frames of Puzzletree Wood strengthened with Muscle Branches for use in buildings.
4 tlk41700121_01_msg0004 84 It's a pretty tricky process, so I wouldn't advise it, but...I guess you can try your hand if you like?
5 tlk41700121_01_msg0005 84 Good call. It's a bit of a dangerous job to try out of curiosity alone.