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1 tlk41400021_04_msg0001 84 Have you heard of Woodboards?! You've gotta get into Woodboards! Everyone's talking about them!
2 tlk41400021_04_msg0002 84 By combining advanced Ardainian tech with Puzzletree Wood from Gormott, a new musical instrument was born!
3 tlk41400021_04_msg0003 84 Thanks to the supreme flexibility of Puzzletree Wood, this new instrument produces tones like an angelic chorus!
4 tlk41400021_04_msg0004 84 And it's called...the Woodboard! I named it myself, by the way.
5 tlk41400021_04_msg0005 84 It's like a keyboard made of wood, so... Woodboard! I'm a genius, right?