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1 tlk4130009101_msg0001 84 Hey, thanks for coming! As you can see, we made it to Mor Ardain in one piece!
2 tlk4130009101_msg0002 84 I feel bad about doing that to Rhiannon's parents, I really do...
3 tlk4130009101_msg0003 84 But Rhiannon's happiness is what's most important to me.
4 tlk4130009101_msg0004 84 Oh, before I forget, there's something I've been meaning to give you. Here.
5 tlk4130009101_msg0101 84 It looks like I might have made things more difficult than I thought for Rhiannon, moving to Mor Ardain.
6 tlk4130009101_msg0102 84 There's all the tension with Uraya and the Titan getting weaker... It's one thing after the other, really.
7 tlk4130009101_msg0103 84 But I'll do everything I can to support her! I promised her a better life and that's what she'll have, you'll see!