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1 tlk41300012_05_msg0001 84 I can't believe this... Are we going to have to cancel negotiations now?
2 tlk41300012_05_msg0002 84 Some Lysaat found their way into our cargo hold, would you believe it.
3 tlk41300012_05_msg0003 84 We were supposed to be starting business talks, but I can't exactly send the ship out now...
4 tlk41300012_05_msg0004 84 I asked Argentum security to sort it out, but they got scared and ran off!
5 tlk41300012_05_msg0005 84 Now that, my friends, would be absolutely pukka. You look like you could handle them.
6 tlk41300012_05_msg0006 84 Well, best of luck!