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1 tlk41200123_05_msg0001 84 Um, my trainer's kind of having a bit of trouble right now...
2 tlk41200123_05_msg0002 84 They're not really getting along with their Blade.
3 tlk41200123_05_msg0003 84 They go everywhere together, they work together, fight together...but they just don't seem to connect.
4 tlk41200123_05_msg0004 84 But I don't think that's true. If you keep on fighting, even if it feels like the day'll never come, someday you'll click!
5 tlk41200123_05_msg0005 84 That's not something your average Driver's able to do, though...
6 tlk41200123_05_msg0006 84 But if you could deepen your bond that far...just think of the possibilities!