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1 tlk41200123_04_msg0001 84 Rule 1 of the Driver's code: Think of all others as your sisters and brothers!
2 tlk41200123_04_msg0002 84 Oh, hey! I'm reciting the Driver's code. It's an important part of my training!
3 tlk41200123_04_msg0003 84 Yep! My trainer told me that you need a deep sense of self if you want to resonate with a Core Crystal!
4 tlk41200123_04_msg0004 84 The more tender your heart, the better the chance you'll have of resonating with a good Blade!
5 tlk41200123_04_msg0005 84 Rule 2 of the Driver's code: If there's a person in trouble, help out on the double!