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1 tlk41200122_05_msg0001 84 I like it when it's nice an' peaceful. Everyone should just pet Armoo instead of fighting!
2 tlk41200122_05_msg0002 84 They smell really nice like the outdoors and you can sleep super comfy on their back!
3 tlk41200122_05_msg0003 84 No, really! Everyone needs to have an Armoo!
4 tlk41200122_05_msg0004 84 Then Mor'dain an' Uraya'll stop fighting an' everyone can be happy!
5 tlk41200122_05_msg0005 84 They can just relax an' play with th'Armoo aaaaall day long.
6 tlk41200122_05_msg0006 84 It's Armoo therapy!