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1 tlk41200121_04_msg0001 84 Ah, you must be the new owner of Cmalaf Artwork!
2 tlk41200121_04_msg0002 84 Why did you decide to become the owner, anyway?
3 tlk41200121_04_msg0003 165 How should we respond?
4 tlk41200121_04_msg0004 165 To become stronger
5 tlk41200121_04_msg0005 165 To support beautiful art
6 tlk41200121_04_msg0006 84 You can get stronger by owning shops? Wow! I had no idea.
7 tlk41200121_04_msg0007 84 Maybe you should try to become the owner of lots of different shops, then. The sky's the limit, right?
8 tlk41200121_04_msg0008 84 ...Oh, but I guess that means you don't really have any passion for the actual art they're selling?
9 tlk41200121_04_msg0009 84 I feel a bit sorry for Peline, knowing that...
10 tlk41200121_04_msg0010 84 A good answer if I ever heard one!
11 tlk41200121_04_msg0011 84 Peline was pretty over the moon, you know. She always wanted to find an owner who shared her passion.
12 tlk41200121_04_msg0012 84 So it's best to act like you care, whether you really mean it or not!