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1 tlk41100221_02_msg0001 84 Ain't no one in Gormott who knows more about bugs than me! Ask away!
2 tlk41100221_02_msg0002 165 What should we ask about?
3 tlk41100221_02_msg0003 165 The Prairie Dragonfly
4 tlk41100221_02_msg0004 165 The Hexafly
5 tlk41100221_02_msg0005 165 The Giant Stag Beetle
6 tlk41100221_02_msg0006 84 The Prairie Dragonfly...
7 tlk41100221_02_msg0007 84 Wait a second... You can find those pretty much anywhere in Gormott!
8 tlk41100221_02_msg0008 84 Everybody knows that! Come on, don't waste my time...
9 tlk41100221_02_msg0009 84 Hexafly? Uhh, that actually exists?
10 tlk41100221_02_msg0010 84 I've never caught one before. You sure you're not making it up? You're pulling my leg?
11 tlk41100221_02_msg0011 84 I guess I can't say for sure they don't exist... I'll have to study some more.
12 tlk41100221_02_msg0012 84 The Giant Stag Beetle...
13 tlk41100221_02_msg0013 84 You can find them out past Hermit's Hollow toward Coolley Lake.
14 tlk41100221_02_msg0014 84 See? I know my stuff!