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1 tlk41100141_05_msg0001 84 I... Vandham... I'm so glad he was there to help us.
2 tlk41100141_05_msg0002 84 If we'd gone to Indol, we probably wouldn't be alive now...
3 tlk41100141_05_msg0003 84 Amalthus was a two-faced grown-up, wasn't he?
4 tlk41100141_05_msg0004 84 With Vandham, at least you always knew where you stood.
5 tlk41100141_05_msg0005 84 I finally understand now. He was one of the rare grown-ups you could trust...
6 tlk41100141_05_msg0006 84 I'm glad to be here now. I'm so grateful to Vandham...and to you too.