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1 tlk41100141_04_msg0001 84 Hey, I just had a great idea!
2 tlk41100141_04_msg0002 84 A way to stop everyone from fighting, so there won't be any more war orphans like me!
3 tlk41100141_04_msg0003 84 It's easy - we just have to not get involved with the other Titans at all!
4 tlk41100141_04_msg0004 84 In Uraya's case, we should just never leave the inside of the Titan.
5 tlk41100141_04_msg0005 84 If we cut contact from other countries, there won't be any more fighting, right?
6 tlk41100141_04_msg0006 84 Wha-?!
7 tlk41100141_04_msg0007 84 There's a country that tried that already?!
8 tlk41100141_04_msg0008 84 And it didn't work out?!
9 tlk41100141_04_msg0009 84 Yeah...I guess a Bunnit-brained idea like that was never going to work...