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1 tlk41100141_03_msg0001 84 I had to leave my island because it got caught up in a conflict between Uraya and Mor Ardain.
2 tlk41100141_03_msg0002 84 Vandham helped us out, but I hear some of the others went to Indol.
3 tlk41100141_03_msg0003 84 I wonder which of us is happier now?
4 tlk41100141_03_msg0004 84 Although... Indol seems like a better place, all in all.
5 tlk41100141_03_msg0005 84 It's a city, and it's well protected by Praetor Amalthus, right?
6 tlk41100141_03_msg0006 84 I don't trust grown-ups, but the Praetor? I think he's different.