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1 tlk41100124_02_msg0001 84 I don't care what my parents say, I'm going to become a botanical scientist in Mor Ardain.
2 tlk41100124_02_msg0002 84 You know how Gormott has lots of trees everywhere, right? More than any other country in the world, actually!
3 tlk41100124_02_msg0003 84 So we make all sorts of things out of wood. From tools to furniture, it has all kinds of uses.
4 tlk41100124_02_msg0004 84 But in Mor Ardain, they hardly have any trees at all.
5 tlk41100124_02_msg0005 84 Apparently if it weren't for the wood we export to them, they might run out completely.
6 tlk41100124_02_msg0006 84 As someone who grew up in Gormott, that makes me really sad. I can't imagine living without trees and wood.
7 tlk41100124_02_msg0007 84 So I want to study botany in Mor Ardain, and do something about their tree shortage problem.
8 tlk41100124_02_msg0008 84 My dream is to make Mor Ardain the second most tree-covered country in Alrest! After Gormott, of course!