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1 tlk41100123_05_msg0001 84 Have you ever eaten something called Snowy Dudleya Gelée?
2 tlk41100123_05_msg0002 84 It's so delicious, right?! Siàn loves the stuff.
3 tlk41100123_05_msg0003 84 I want to go to Tantal with Siàn someday and see Ghost Dudleya plants in their natural environment!
4 tlk41100123_05_msg0004 84 I bet Siàn would get so excited. She's always wondering about what kind of gorgeous plant it could be.
5 tlk41100123_05_msg0005 84 Anyway, this is all thanks to the work you've done encouraging business here in Gormott!
6 tlk41100123_05_msg0006 84 We'd never have been able to eat such delicious foods if it weren't for all the trade with Tantal lately!
7 tlk41100123_05_msg0007 84 So...thanks a bunch!