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1 tlk01000902_msg0001 84 Welcome back, big bro!
2 tlk01000902_msg0002 84 Auntie Corinne's over the moon that you brought back your bride-to-be!
3 tlk01000902_msg0003 84 She's so pretty... Ahh, I'm so jelly!
4 tlk01000902_msg0004 84 What are you...hold on, she's not my bride-to-be! You've got the wrong end of the stick, Kazuna!
5 tlk01000902_msg0101 84 Mark's so diligent. It's no surprise he made it into the Academy.
6 tlk01000902_msg0102 84 Kind of sad that Kirk and me won't be able to play with him any more, though.
7 tlk01000902_msg0103 84 I'm sitting right across from him now so we can hang out for as long as we can. And I can peek at his notes!