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1 tlk006701_04_msg0001 84 I got demoted for letting Torna get away.
2 tlk006701_04_msg0002 84 And now? Now I'm back to the old garrison patrol.
3 tlk006701_04_msg0003 84 But I've got to say, it's a fair sight better than being bossed around by a lousy boss...
4 tlk006701_04_msg0004 84 My salary took a hefty blow, but really this suits me just fine. I can get by.
5 tlk006701_04_msg0005 84 Wh-what's Special Inquisitor Mòrag doing here in Torigoth...?!
6 tlk006701_04_msg0006 84 O-oh, forgive me! Please, forget I said anything!
7 tlk006701_04_msg0007 84 I, Padraig, will humbly carry out my duty as is expected of my station!