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1 tlk006101_09_msg0001 84 Oh, hi! Perfect timing. I want to give you something!
2 tlk006101_09_msg0002 84 Look, our very first actual find as salvagers! I want you to have it!
3 tlk006101_09_msg0003 84 No idea what it is, but I bet you'll find a use for it somehow!
4 tlk006101_09_msg0004 84 We all decided together that we'd make the first thing we salvaged ourselves a present to you guys!
5 tlk006101_09_msg0005 84 If it weren't for you, we'd never have got these salvager jobs, after all.
6 tlk006101_09_msg0006 84 We'll work hard to repay our debts, you can count on that!