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1 qst002703_msg0001 84 ...*sigh*
2 qst002703_msg0002 84 ...Oh! I didn't see you there.
3 qst002703_msg0003 84 Listen...would you entertain me for a moment?
4 qst002703_msg0004 84 Thank you.
5 qst002703_msg0005 84 Well, I'd tried so hard to make it all work out...but it all ended in failure.
6 qst002703_msg0006 84 Don't get me wrong, the Love Potion itself was a roaring success. And my beloved drank it, just as I'd planned.
7 qst002703_msg0007 84 But that's when everything went pear- shaped. The problem was the timing.
8 qst002703_msg0008 84 Right at that moment, my beloved bumped into a woman who just happened to be passing by...
9 qst002703_msg0009 84 And just like that, he swept her off her feet with a passion like you wouldn't believe and ran off into the distance...
10 qst002703_msg0010 84 My Love Potion is incredibly potent, so I don't suppose he'll ever look my way again now...
11 qst002703_msg0011 84 That potion was my life's work... I wonder, what was the point of it all?
12 qst002703_msg0012 84 Oh, you're worried about me? Well that's very sweet of you.
13 qst002703_msg0013 84 ...Let me think.
14 qst002703_msg0014 84 I once told you I would create a concoction that would help people across the world.
15 qst002703_msg0015 84 Back then, I was only saying that to manipulate you, but perhaps I can make that a reality now...
16 qst002703_msg0016 84 ...Hah hah hah...
17 qst002703_msg0017 84 Thank you for letting me burden you with my woes. I'm feeling a whole lot better now.
18 qst002703_msg0018 84 From now on, I shall strive to create an elixir that will truly bring happiness to the world!
19 qst002703_msg0019 84 Just try not to be so trusting in future. You don't want to be taken in again by the likes of me!