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1 tlk001901_09_msg0001 84 I heard Indol's no more. What in the world is happening to Alrest?
2 tlk001901_09_msg0002 84 I'm sure you've things you need to do, and this goes without saying, but careful, will you?
3 tlk001901_09_msg0003 84 And when this is all over...well, I know this isn't the most happening of places, but I hope you'll come back to visit us.
4 tlk001901_09_msg0004 84 Rex.
5 tlk001901_09_msg0005 84 Take care out there. We'll be waiting for you.
6 tlk001901_09_msg0006 84 I will. And of course I'll come back.
7 tlk001901_09_msg0007 84 Well then, you can look forward to a big plate of Acqua Pearl Pazza when you come home!
8 tlk001901_09_msg0008 84 Don't you dare let your Auntie Corinne down now!