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1 tlk001201_06_msg0001 84 You've returned with the Aegis and the third sword in hand, I see.
2 tlk001201_06_msg0002 84 Which means that your next port of call will be your last: the World Tree.
3 tlk001201_06_msg0003 84 I wish you a safe journey to Elysium.
4 tlk001201_06_msg0004 84 You'd better be pulling your own weight, Zeke.
5 tlk001201_06_msg0005 84 Yes, thanks for that, father. I think you've drilled that into me enough for me to realize.
6 tlk001201_06_msg0006 84 I very much hope so.
7 tlk001201_06_msg0007 84 If I were a few years younger, I would have joined you, but it was not to be.
8 tlk001201_06_msg0008 84 Some king you are...