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1 tlk001001_07_msg0001 84 Thank you...all of you. Not as emperor, but as myself, as a person.
2 tlk001001_07_msg0002 84 Thank you for taking Special Inquisitor Mòrag...
3 tlk001001_07_msg0003 84 No... Thank you for taking my sister with you on your journey.
4 tlk001001_07_msg0004 84 I entrust the future of Alrest to you. And I hope you will continue to keep my sister under your wing till the end.
5 tlk001001_07_msg0005 84 Dear sister... I'll take care of our country.
6 tlk001001_07_msg0006 84 Go with the Aegis and Rex. Help them save Alrest.
7 tlk001001_07_msg0007 84 When peace is finally restored, I'd very much like to hear your tales of adventure.