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1 tlk00040101_msg0001 84 What you waiting for? Chop, chop! You go see Chairman Bana now!
2 tlk00040101_msg0002 165 What should I ask Pupunin about?
3 tlk00040101_msg0003 165 Where the Chairman's room is.
4 tlk00040101_msg0004 165 How Pupunin is doing.
5 tlk00040101_msg0005 84 Go through Argentum Bazaar and up stairs. Chairman's room right there.
6 tlk00040101_msg0006 84 Meh! Stop this dilly-dally and hop to it! You young and sprightly bod, no?
7 tlk00040101_msg0007 84 Not bad, not bad. Wife ran out on me, but apart from that, cannot complain.
8 tlk00040101_msg0008 84 Pupunin's hands full with menial tasks...I mean, very important work for Chairman Bana!
9 tlk00040101_msg0009 84 High-powered role naturally leaves Pupunin time-poor. But still important to have breaky-break sometimes.
10 tlk00040101_msg0010 84 Still, Pupunin incredibly jealous. That reward 100 times of Pupunin's monthly salary.
11 tlk00040101_msg0011 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]If things go well, I should treat Pupunin to a big plate of Samod...