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1 tlk000016_msg0001 84 Dorara hear the news! Friends wanting to go to Tantal?
2 tlk000016_msg0002 165 Set sail?
3 tlk000016_msg0003 165 Let's go
4 tlk000016_msg0004 165 Not yet...
5 tlk000016_msg0005 84 Actually, ship captain was Indoline, and go into deep mourning for Lady Fan. Then was nobody left to steer ship...
6 tlk000016_msg0006 84 And so, Dorara get selected to replace! Dorara never go there before, so will have to work hard to make trip success!
7 tlk000016_msg0007 84 Dorara not worry, though. With prince of Tantal on board, getting in should be piece of pollen cake!
8 tlk000016_msg0008 84 Dorara understand. Friends need mental composure before visit to Tantal.
9 tlk000016_msg0009 84 Dorara not going anywhere, so no need for rushings!