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1 tlk000007_msg0001 84 I'm looking to board a ship headed for Mor Ardain.
2 tlk000007_msg0002 84 Have you got any space free?
3 tlk000007_msg0003 84 Not to worry, friend! Plenty space! You traveling alone?
4 tlk000007_msg0004 84 Um... Roughly six people, I'd say?
5 tlk000007_msg0005 84 Meh-meh-meh?! That big group!
6 tlk000007_msg0006 84 I offer special discount for group travel. Let everyone board as much as like for total of 4,000G.
7 tlk000007_msg0007 84 I'm a salvager, by the way. I can travel for free, can't I?
8 tlk000007_msg0008 84 Ah, Murmur not realize. In that case, I make discount. That come to 3,000G.
9 tlk000007_msg0009 84 Wait, so we can't go for free?
10 tlk000007_msg0010 84 Meh-meh? How many you say coming on board?
11 tlk000007_msg0011 84 Six...maybe more.
12 tlk000007_msg0012 84 And how many of them salvagers?
13 tlk000007_msg0013 84
14 tlk000007_msg0014 84 Which mean how many non-salvagers?
15 tlk000007_msg0015 84 Quite a lot.
16 tlk000007_msg0016 84 Then should pay 3,000G.
17 tlk000007_msg0017 84 Murmur sorry. Me bighearted, but have limits to kindness.
18 tlk000007_msg0018 165 Pay 3,000G?
19 tlk000007_msg0023 165 Pay
20 tlk000007_msg0024 165 Don't pay
21 tlk000007_msg0019 84 Thanks kindly!
22 tlk000007_msg0020 84 Let Murmur know when friends ready to board and we set off ship-shape!
23 tlk000007_msg0021 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Argentum Nopon drive a hard bargain. It was much easier to get a discount in Uraya...
24 tlk000007_msg0022 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Ah well. I should head back to the inn and meet up with the others.