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1 tlk00000593_01_msg0001 84 Is this where the people who lived in Elysium would come to play?
2 tlk00000593_01_msg0002 84 I don't really get how to use any of these...
3 tlk00000593_01_msg0101 84 How do you use these things?
4 tlk00000593_01_msg0102 84 Are they like, training equipment or something?
5 tlk00000593_01_msg0201 84 Meh-meh-meh? What this place for?
6 tlk00000593_01_msg0202 84 Training ground for Drivers maybe?
7 tlk00000593_01_msg0301 84 Was this...some kind of park, perhaps?
8 tlk00000593_01_msg0302 84 I have never seen anything like these structures in the records of Alrest...
9 tlk00000593_01_msg0401 84 I guess this is like, a park.
10 tlk00000593_01_msg0402 84 But everything here's super sturdy. Not made out of wood, that's for sure.