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1 qst720403_msg0001 84 Welcome back!
2 qst720403_msg0002 84 We managed to get all the food you wanted. Take a look!
3 qst720403_msg0003 84 I'll take the liberty of confirming...
4 qst720403_msg0004 84 Three Grimdark Crabs, five portions of Feris Beastmeat...
5 qst720403_msg0005 84 Three Lactonuts, and seven measures of Weeping Flour...
6 qst720403_msg0006 84 Oh! There appears to be even more here than I originally requested!
7 qst720403_msg0007 84 Think of it as a little token of our appreciation, Brogyn!
8 qst720403_msg0008 84 Also, if you make yourself ill eating rotten food, it's going to affect the troops' morale.
9 qst720403_msg0009 84 So be sure to eat your fill of this stuff, and keep up the good work!
10 qst720403_msg0010 84 Y-Your Highness!
11 qst720403_msg0011 84 I'm scarcely worthy of such an honor! With this, my devotion is sealed forever!
12 qst720403_msg0012 84 Hey. Come on. Don't go overboard.
13 qst720403_msg0013 84 Master Addam! Would you mind if me and Mik took care of the cooking today?
14 qst720403_msg0014 84 The two of you?
15 qst720403_msg0015 84 Yup.
16 qst720403_msg0016 84 The caterers are looking pretty overworked since all the other people showed up. We should help out.
17 qst720403_msg0017 84 That's very thoughtful of you.
18 qst720403_msg0018 84 Then, I'd be honored to ask for your assistance.
19 qst720403_msg0019 84 OK! Let's get to it, Mik!
20 qst720403_msg0020 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Hmmm... This is good, but it's only a temporary measure.
21 qst720403_msg0021 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I need to come up with a permanent solution...