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1 qst720303_msg0001 84 Kelly!
2 qst720303_msg0002 84 Kali!
3 qst720303_msg0003 84 D'aww.
4 qst720303_msg0004 84 I can't thank you enough!
5 qst720303_msg0005 84 Careful you don't lose her again, kid. You should be looking out for your little sis, you know!
6 qst720303_msg0006 84 Yeah... I'll make sure that never happens again.
7 qst720303_msg0007 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Mythra actually being level-headed. Never thought I'd see the day...
8 qst720303_msg0008 84 Hey, Kali... You left this behind. I've been holding onto it the whole time.
9 qst720303_msg0009 84 Oh!
10 qst720303_msg0010 84 I thought that was gone for ever! Nice one, Kelly!
11 qst720303_msg0011 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]It looks just like Lora's mother's keepsake...
12 qst720303_msg0012 84 Hey...
13 qst720303_msg0013 84 Mind if I take a look at that?
14 qst720303_msg0014 84 No problem!
15 qst720303_msg0015 84 Hmm...
16 qst720303_msg0016 84 How did you come by this?
17 qst720303_msg0017 84 I got it from Auntie Rynea!
18 qst720303_msg0018 84 What?!
19 qst720303_msg0019 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]My mother...
20 qst720303_msg0020 84 Auntie Rynea had another one, but Kali was always hankering after it.
21 qst720303_msg0021 84 She said it was really precious to her and she couldn't let it go.
22 qst720303_msg0022 84 So she made me one that looked a bit like it.
23 qst720303_msg0023 84 She said she was sorry she couldn't make it any better.
24 qst720303_msg0024 84 I mean, I don't care about that so much. She made it for me.
25 qst720303_msg0025 84 So, it's precious to me, no matter what it looks like.
26 qst720303_msg0026 84 I see... Well, take care of yourselves, you two.
27 qst720303_msg0027 84 We promise!
28 qst720303_msg0028 84 Hey...the way you said that just now... It sounded just like Auntie Rynea.
29 qst720303_msg0029 84 Yeah, just like her...
30 qst720303_msg0030 84 Haha... I don't doubt it.
31 qst720303_msg0031 84 I'm sure that we could converse for hours... But I'd like to propose a course of action for our new friends here.
32 qst720303_msg0032 84 For us, you mean...?
33 qst720303_msg0033 84 That's right. Our vessel here will soon return to Mor Ardain.
34 qst720303_msg0034 84 Perhaps you two ought to be aboard when it sets sail.
35 qst720303_msg0035 84 A wise idea. Things are not so unsettled in Mor Ardain.
36 qst720303_msg0036 84 Mor Ardain, huh...?
37 qst720303_msg0037 84 No! I made a promise to our da!
38 qst720303_msg0038 84 He said he was waiting for us... We can't leave Gormott!
39 qst720303_msg0039 84 You're right...
40 qst720303_msg0040 84 Thanks, but I guess we can't come with you... We need to stay behind and wait for Da at the camp.
41 qst720303_msg0041 84 Understood. We cannot force you to come.
42 qst720303_msg0042 84 Indeed... If you start moving around now, there's a chance you might miss him.
43 qst720303_msg0043 84 Of course we'll leave you with some provisions so you won't get hungry.
44 qst720303_msg0044 84 Yeah, OK. Thank you for everything!
45 qst720303_msg0045 84 I bring news!
46 qst720303_msg0046 84 Something tells me it's urgent...
47 qst720303_msg0047 84 Correct, Ma'am!
48 qst720303_msg0048 84 If I may, this information is for His Highness's ears only...
49 qst720303_msg0049 84 You may approach.
50 qst720303_msg0050 84 *whisper* *whisper*
51 qst720303_msg0051 84 I see...
52 qst720303_msg0052 84 Everyone. May I ask you to reconvene in the boat's strategy room later?
53 qst720303_msg0053 84 Something unforeseen, is it?
54 qst720303_msg0054 84 Indeed... I'll give you the details presently.