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1 qst712001_msg0001 84 I knew you'd be back. Can't resist a challenge, right?
2 qst712001_msg0002 84 Like I said, I need to make sure my Driver has capable allies to escort him on this dangerous mission.
3 qst712001_msg0003 84 So I'll have to ask you to do something a little trickier than last time.
4 qst712001_msg0004 84 Here's what I want you to do...
5 qst712001_msg0005 84 Basically, it's the same drill as before, but now I need you to do five of your finest three-stage Blade Combos.
6 qst712001_msg0006 84 Like I said before, a Blade Combo is a string of Specials, and the third stage is not that different from the second.
7 qst712001_msg0007 84 For the three stages, you'll need to use a Special that's at least level 1, 2 and 3 respectively. That's the basic principle.
8 qst712001_msg0008 84 And, since you've cleared my first trial, let me tell you about critical routes while you're here.
9 qst712001_msg0009 84 A critical route is what we call a special Blade Combo that follows a particular element sequence.
10 qst712001_msg0010 84 The one I know is Fire, Fire, then Light. Do that one, and you'll deal much more damage than with just a normal combo.
11 qst712001_msg0011 84 But there are plenty of other critical routes to discover. I'm hoping you'll take this chance to experiment a little.
12 qst712001_msg0012 84 Ah, don't worry though. Critical routes aren't really part of today's test, so I won't grade you on that.
13 qst712001_msg0013 84 Basically, I don't really mind what Blade Combos you pull off, as long as you can reach the third stage.
14 qst712001_msg0014 84 As before, you can pick the place, time, and target.
15 qst712001_msg0015 84 My ether abilities let me track your movement, so there's no trouble in that regard.
16 qst712001_msg0016 84 Looking forward to the results!