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1 qst711901_msg0001 84 Name's Krogane. Krogane the Blade.
2 qst711901_msg0002 84 My Driver looks like an overgrown furball, but he's really a seasoned merc, a real hard nut.
3 qst711901_msg0003 84 Thing is, I think he's gone in over his head this time. This job's too much for him to handle.
4 qst711901_msg0004 84 So we've been looking around for Drivers with a good track record who'd be able to join him.
5 qst711901_msg0005 84 I can tell just by looking that you folks aren't some lousy Sunday Drivers. You must've seen real combat.
6 qst711901_msg0006 84 Interested? But first I'll want to see how you'd measure up in a fight.
7 qst711901_msg0007 84 As for the rules...
8 qst711901_msg0008 84 Let's have you pull off a second-stage Blade Combo. Say, about five times.
9 qst711901_msg0009 84 Doesn't matter which elements you use. Just do any Special, and then any other one that's level 2 or above, five times.
10 qst711901_msg0010 84 And obviously, since you can rely on your allies for linking up the Specials, you might wanna try to mix it up.
11 qst711901_msg0011 84 The place, time, and target's up to you. I just want to know if your Blade Combos are up to scratch.
12 qst711901_msg0012 84 I may look like a meathead, but I know my ether.
13 qst711901_msg0013 84 I can feel someone of your power level pull off a Special, wherever you are.
14 qst711901_msg0014 84 Anyway, I've talked long enough. Hope you've got what it takes.