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1 qst711802_msg0001 84 What matter? Need to refresh memory on details of test?
2 qst711802_msg0002 84 Great choice! Knowing exactly what one up against is important quality of fighting pro!
3 qst711802_msg0003 84 Test require friends to find enemy, then Break! Topple! Launch! Smash! Do all Driver Combo parts, all in sequence.
4 qst711802_msg0004 84 Launch will lift enemy off ground, and Smash will smash back down, as name implies. Is great power move!
5 qst711802_msg0005 84 For this test, Rolipoli want friends to do whole whammy three times! Should be no trouble for big fat heroes, meh?
6 qst711802_msg0006 84 To make even easier, can do Driver Combo to any enemy in any place friends like.
7 qst711802_msg0007 84 Key is to choose arena and foe to maximize synergy with Arts and abilities of team. Every pro know that!
8 qst711802_msg0101 84 Oohoo, Rolipoli knew he not wrong about friends! Knew would hit nail on head!
9 qst711802_msg0102 84 Congratulation on completing test with flying marks!
10 qst711802_msg0103 84 Rolipoli not need to see battle by own self to recognize look of triumph on faces of friends. Am just that good!
11 qst711802_msg0104 84 As reward for passing trial, Rolipoli give friends choice info about Driver Combo, straight from Nopon's mouth.
12 qst711802_msg0105 84 Did friends know that some monsters have tendency to inflict Topple on monsters' own selves?
13 qst711802_msg0106 84 This is reaction to monsters' using own big moves. Cannot dissipate force, and so end up flat on ground.
14 qst711802_msg0107 84 But lucky for Drivers, that perfect time to butt in with Launch and Smash! Fighting is all about using openings.
15 qst711802_msg0108 84 Well, Rolipoli have to admit, friends really blast test out of water. Is sure sign of growth as Drivers!
16 qst711802_msg0109 84 But final call have to be made after consult with Blade of Rolipoli. Rolipoli sure friends lack for nothing!
17 qst711802_msg0110 84 All righty then. Should be all prepped soon, so come back in while and can talk business!