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1 qst711201_msg0001 84 There's nothing here. Nothing at all...
2 qst711201_msg0002 84 That fraud! If that Nopon sold me false information, I swear...
3 qst711201_msg0003 84 What? Why am I angry? What's it to you?
4 qst711201_msg0004 84 Here! This treasure map!
5 qst711201_msg0005 84 The other day, in Torna's capital, I met a Nopon who sold it to me on the cheap.
6 qst711201_msg0006 84 "X mark spot!" he said! And I believed him.
7 qst711201_msg0007 84 I've been up to Golden Twin Mesa looking all over, but haven't found a thing.
8 qst711201_msg0008 84 Guess this treasure map isn't worth the paper it's drawn on... I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up...
9 qst711201_msg0009 84 Or maybe I'm just going about this the wrong way and I just need some kind of special skill to find the treasure.
10 qst711201_msg0010 84 I'm fed up with this now, but maybe you could have a go at tracking down the treasure for me. What do you say?
11 qst711201_msg0011 84 Of course, if you bring it back, I'll let you keep it. Promise!
12 qst711201_msg0012 84 'Cos, you know, finding out the truth of the matter's more important to me than the treasure right now.
13 qst711201_msg0013 84 Good luck with that!
14 qst711201_msg0101 84 What?! You found the treasure?!
15 qst711201_msg0102 84 Really?
16 qst711201_msg0103 84 Wow! So that Nopon was telling the truth after all...
17 qst711201_msg0104 84 I hope you won't hold it against me for bothering you with my little misunderstanding, will you?
18 qst711201_msg0105 84 And thank you ever so much for getting to the bottom of my little mystery. Even if it wasn't much of one...
19 qst711201_msg0106 84 Like I promised, the treasure's yours.
20 qst711201_msg0201 84 According to this map the treasure's somewhere on the Golden Twin Mesa.
21 qst711201_msg0202 84 But I've walked all around the place shown on the map, and I couldn't find anything, so I doubt you will either.
22 qst711201_msg0203 84 Still, keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
23 qst711201_msg0204 84 Maybe one of you will have some sort of special skill that'll lead you to the treasure...