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1 qst711101_msg0001 84 Hey! I'm Isabella, don'cha know!
2 qst711101_msg0002 84 I'm something of an adventurer around these parts.
3 qst711101_msg0003 84 Say, do you know about the Barney Stones?
4 qst711101_msg0004 84 Long, long ago, a famed adventurer called Blue Barney went adventuring for treasure in Alrest.
5 qst711101_msg0005 84 But during his travels in Torna, he collected so much loot he couldn't carry it all...
6 qst711101_msg0006 84 So he decided to seal it up inside big rocks and got monsters to guard it to make sure it didn't get stolen.
7 qst711101_msg0007 84 He thought he'd retrieve his loot when he next made it out to Torna, you see.
8 qst711101_msg0008 84 But he never got the chance...
9 qst711101_msg0009 84 And so the Barney Stones remain untouched to this day...
10 qst711101_msg0010 84 Barney might have been a bit useless, and a good-for-nothing, but it makes for an interesting tale, right?
11 qst711101_msg0011 165 Did you enjoy the Barney Stone story?
12 qst711101_msg0012 165 Yeah!
13 qst711101_msg0013 165 Yawn...
14 qst711101_msg0014 84 So you agree? I'm so glad to have met a like-minded soul!
15 qst711101_msg0015 84 Then have I got another tale for you!
16 qst711101_msg0016 84 I've heard there's a Barney Stone somewhere in the nearby Haradd Hills.
17 qst711101_msg0017 84 Thought I might have a go at finding it myself, but so far no luck...
18 qst711101_msg0018 84 Now I'm thinking I might just pack up and head back to the capital.
19 qst711101_msg0019 84 But you look like you might be able to find it.
20 qst711101_msg0020 84 When you do find it, you're supposed to hold your hands up and chant, "Barney's the Man" three times!
21 qst711101_msg0021 84 Yeah... I know, I know... I think it's nuts too.
22 qst711101_msg0022 84 You've got to say the words to break the seal, but you can probably just mutter it under your breath.
23 qst711101_msg0023 84 Oh, and you'll have to take care of all the monsters that show up after you break the seal.
24 qst711101_msg0024 84 If you can manage that, Barney's hidden loot will be all yours, and it'll finally reenter circulation.
25 qst711101_msg0025 84 On the off-chance you do manage to get the treasure, let me know.
26 qst711101_msg0026 84 I'm sure it'll be an exciting tale you'll have to tell me.
27 qst711101_msg0027 84 Until then, I suppose...
28 qst711101_msg0101 84 ...
29 qst711101_msg0102 84 Fair enough...
30 qst711101_msg0103 84 That's the end of this tale for you then.
31 qst711101_msg0201 84 Huh?
32 qst711101_msg0202 84 You haven't actually gone and found it, have you? The Barney Stone? And the treasure?
33 qst711101_msg0203 84 Then tell me all the juicy details!
34 qst711101_msg0204 84 I knew you had it in you! Didn't I say it?
35 qst711101_msg0205 84 So what do you think? Do you think you'll become adventurers now and make a killing?
36 qst711101_msg0206 84 There's a legend about a stash of buried gold in Torna's vast desert...
37 qst711101_msg0207 84 If I join forces with you, I reckon we could make a tidy profit.
38 qst711101_msg0208 84 ...Just kidding!
39 qst711101_msg0209 84 Last thing I need in my line of work is more tough competition!
40 qst711101_msg0210 84 Well, thanks very much for listening to my waffle!
41 qst711101_msg0211 84 I hear there are other Barney Stones scattered around Torna, so good luck with those!
42 qst711101_msg0311 84 I've heard there's a Barney Stone up on the Haradd Hills near here.
43 qst711101_msg0312 84 When you do find it, you're supposed to hold your hands up and chant, "Barney's the Man" three times!
44 qst711101_msg0313 84 Then you have to take care of all the monsters that show up after you break the seal.
45 qst711101_msg0314 84 Come back and tell me the tale once you've got the loot, OK?