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1 qst711001_msg0001 84 Hey, there. What do you think of this state-of-the-art Ardainian flagship?
2 qst711001_msg0002 84 Pretty nifty, huh?
3 qst711001_msg0003 84 The only downside is that the modern tech makes us mechanics cry...
4 qst711001_msg0004 84 Every time I'm anchored in port, I'm always so busy with repairs... Haven't been home in such a long time.
5 qst711001_msg0005 84 The longer you spend flying round Alrest, the more you start to yearn for the taste of home.
6 qst711001_msg0006 84 I tried to make a recipe my mother used to make from memory, but it didn't go too well...
7 qst711001_msg0007 84 Hey, you wouldn't happen to have someone who can cook in your party, would you?
8 qst711001_msg0008 84 If I tell you the recipe, do you think you could cook up some food from my hometown, Chilsain?
9 qst711001_msg0009 84 Excellent! Looking forward to some delicious home-cooked food! Mmm, I can taste it already!