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1 qst710205_msg0001 84 They're...beautiful!
2 qst710205_msg0002 84 Ah, what a sight... A typical Tornan scene if ever there was one.
3 qst710205_msg0003 84 It seems that there are some things that Malos cannot destroy.
4 qst710205_msg0004 84 That's the lesson we must take from this.
5 qst710205_msg0005 84 That's right. We can't allow these small pleasures to be taken from us again.
6 qst710205_msg0006 84 Seeing all the fish swimming happily really brings the area back to life.
7 qst710205_msg0007 84 No, that's not true at all...
8 qst710205_msg0008 84 The only way we're bringing this place back to life is by pulling together and looking to the future.
9 qst710205_msg0009 84 Still, I couldn't have got this far without your help.
10 qst710205_msg0010 84 I'll take care of these little fellows, you have my word on that! And once again...thank you.