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1 qst710101_msg0001 84 Oh, this is no good. It's gonna take ages at this rate...
2 qst710101_msg0002 84 Huh, you want me? You can ask me anything you want... as long as it's about insects!
3 qst710101_msg0003 84 What? You're not interested in insects?
4 qst710101_msg0004 84 Tut, tut! Well, I tell you there's more to insects than meets the eye!
5 qst710101_msg0005 84 Their shiny shells, their strong bendy legs...
6 qst710101_msg0006 84 Plus if you boil them up, you get some really useful medicines!
7 qst710101_msg0007 84 Ah! Oh yeah!
8 qst710101_msg0008 84 I've collected loads of insects, but 'cos I'm just a kid, I'm not allowed to go looking very far.
9 qst710101_msg0009 84 But I need to get lots of insects as quickly as possible!
10 qst710101_msg0010 84 D'you think you could bring me any insects you find?
11 qst710101_msg0011 84 Thanks! Oh, and I'll need some from Gormott too, not just from Torna!