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1 qst703205_msg0001 84 What happened?
2 qst703205_msg0002 84 Did you get injured somewhere...?
3 qst703205_msg0003 84 I did it! I flipping did it! I finally whooped a monster's butt!
4 qst703205_msg0004 84 Lyta, please calm down.
5 qst703205_msg0005 84 You said "finally"... What exactly have you been doing before?
6 qst703205_msg0006 84 Oh, she's been skillfully avoiding them. This is her first official victory.
7 qst703205_msg0007 84 Hey, Kaeda! Do I look buff now or what?
8 qst703205_msg0008 84 After beating one monster? Just listen to yourself.
9 qst703205_msg0009 84 And even then, it looks like the poor guy might have just tripped and fallen onto your weapon...
10 qst703205_msg0010 84 Ugh... So I'm useless after all, then...
11 qst703205_msg0011 84 ...Lyta, take a look at that.
12 qst703205_msg0012 84 Whoa! Is that...Lascham Cove?
13 qst703205_msg0013 84 It's a huge natural harbor, as you remember. And yet, looking at it from here, it appears tiny.
14 qst703205_msg0014 84 Don't focus so much on your strength, but just look at how far we've come. I'm proud of you for that.
15 qst703205_msg0015 84 Kaeda, you... You're so niiiiiice!!!
16 qst703205_msg0016 84 What's that face you're pulling? Seriously...
17 qst703205_msg0017 84 Seriously. All this noise about a simple exploration mission.
18 qst703205_msg0018 84 Everybody starts somewhere. Thinking back to when we met them, isn't this success enough?
19 qst703205_msg0019 84 I believe Lyta may yet grow into a fine Driver indeed.
20 qst703205_msg0020 84 It's not every day that Jin offers praise like that, is it?
21 qst703205_msg0021 84 That pretty much settles it. She'll do great things one day.
22 qst703205_msg0022 84 ...Everyone. Thank you for all your assistance.
23 qst703205_msg0023 84 After we've gone around Gormott, I think we'll find some other place to explore.
24 qst703205_msg0024 84 Then we might meet again somewhere, mightn't we?
25 qst703205_msg0025 84 Very good! On that day, it may be you helping us out.
26 qst703205_msg0026 84 Ohhh... Don't make fun of me!
27 qst703205_msg0027 84 I don't think he is! Anyway, I'm looking forward to that day. We'll be cheering you on, you two.