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1 qst703201_msg0001 84 Get a grip, I beg you. What's the use of worrying before you've even set off?
2 qst703201_msg0002 84 No, see, that's the worst part... I thought I'd have the courage by now, but it's just...
3 qst703201_msg0003 84 Is something the matter? You seem troubled.
4 qst703201_msg0004 84 Who're you then...?
5 qst703201_msg0005 84 ...Oh, this is great! Kaeda, look! We can just ask these people for help!
6 qst703201_msg0006 84 Are we really going to go through all this again?
7 qst703201_msg0007 84 If I could interject... Why don't you just tell us what's wrong, and then we'll take it from there, hm?
8 qst703201_msg0008 84 Ah, I see. So Lyta's only just become a Driver?
9 qst703201_msg0009 84 That's right! So I've come to Gormott to explore around, hoping I'd get a bit stronger.
10 qst703201_msg0010 84 And that's why you're asking strangers for their help as soon as we arrive. Makes sense.
11 qst703201_msg0011 84 Is that how little faith you have in me?
12 qst703201_msg0012 84 Hey, that's not fair! You know I just... *sigh*
13 qst703201_msg0013 84 ...Well, how about this? After you head off, we'll follow you at a distance.
14 qst703201_msg0014 84 So we can step in if things get ropy?
15 qst703201_msg0015 84 But if it looks like you're managing on your own strength, we'll leave well alone. Does that sound good?
16 qst703201_msg0016 84 Hmph. That seems reasonable enough...
17 qst703201_msg0017 84 It does?! Awesome! Thanks so much, guys!
18 qst703201_msg0018 84 I knew we'd end up stepping into something like this.
19 qst703201_msg0019 84 Come off it, Mythra. Our meeting here was also the work of fate, after all.
20 qst703201_msg0020 84 ...Before you go, we should establish a clear goal. We can't keep providing aid forever.
21 qst703201_msg0021 84 For the time being, let's say we'll head for the Serene Springside. It's meant to be somewhere nearby.
22 qst703201_msg0022 84 Haze, any ideas?
23 qst703201_msg0023 84 I have heard before it is somewhere on the Titan's back... It shouldn't be far from here.
24 qst703201_msg0024 84 Right on! In that case, we're off! Time to move back-ward! ...Uh, I mean forward! Uh, you know what I mean.
25 qst703201_msg0025 84 I'm sorry she managed to get you roped into this.
26 qst703201_msg0026 84 Here I go!