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1 qst703102_msg0001 84 Need friends to collect Apple Lamps and Alloy Sheeting.
2 qst703102_msg0002 84 Might be able to get hands on by taking apart machines littered around Gormott.
3 qst703102_msg0003 84 Then can dive into Cloud Sea with Silver Cylinder on back, and show world what Dudan all about!
4 qst703102_msg0004 84 Dudan counting on you!
5 qst703102_msg0101 84 While Dudan going about salvaging, almost became lunch of urchon!
6 qst703102_msg0102 84 Dudan made for surface as fast as wings could paddle, but urchon follow all way to surface!
7 qst703102_msg0103 84 Only option is to fend off! Request assistance to take Dudan off menu?
8 qst703102_msg0201 84 Would like friends to open treasure fished up from Cloud Sea.
9 qst703102_msg0202 84 Dudan not expecting monsters to jump out or any such thing...
10 qst703102_msg0203 84 Me just feel friends deserve to experience thrill of opening, since have done all the work.
11 qst703102_msg0301 84 At long last! Dudan finally get paws on Gravitonic Clutch!
12 qst703102_msg0302 84 Now to take to partner and finish off project...
13 qst703102_msg0303 84 If get hold of certain thing in great number, Dudan can say goodbye to life slaving under Cloud Sea!
14 qst703102_msg0304 84 Dudan return to Torna now. Greatest of thanking to friends!
15 qst703102_msg0305 84 Ah...
16 qst703102_msg0306 84 Dudan leave collectibles here as reward, like promised. Hope will come in handy!