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1 qst703101_msg0001 84 Meeeeh...
2 qst703101_msg0002 84 Dudan sinking into doldrums...
3 qst703101_msg0003 84 If not deliver quickly, partner sure to flip lid...
4 qst703101_msg0004 84 Meh-meh! Travelers!
5 qst703101_msg0005 84 Please to listen to Dudan's woes!
6 qst703101_msg0006 84 Dudan is salvager by trade, as friends see. Is entire livelihood.
7 qst703101_msg0007 84 Dudan been diving off Lascham Cove with Wood Cylinders in effort to find specific treasure.
8 qst703101_msg0008 84 But all Dudan find is useless collectibles, value of scrap. More worth to throw away than keep!
9 qst703101_msg0009 84 Probably fault of Wood Cylinders. Not really built to last.
10 qst703101_msg0010 84 Have heard salvagers in Mor Ardain use shiny Silver Cylinders or somesuch.
11 qst703101_msg0011 84 Dudan not have luxury to use such high-tech equipment, but want to change that!
12 qst703101_msg0012 84 It maybe asking too much, but could Dudan trouble travelers for helping?
13 qst703101_msg0013 84 Would need friends to collect Apple Lamps and Alloy Sheeting.
14 qst703101_msg0014 84 Then Dudan can dive deep into Cloud Sea with Silver Cylinder on back and glide to treasure like sleeky Serprond!
15 qst703101_msg0015 84 If friends do this, will give all of leftover useless... Ah, no, sorry, mean very very precious Bat Hinges as reward!
16 qst703101_msg0016 84 Dudan counting on you!